Where am I? – Geolocation

Galaxy Watch Maps and Geolocation Tracker

Imagine you found a beautiful place on a trip or just want to remember where you parked your car exactly, then this app would be your perfect companion. This galaxy watch maps application can help you remember by saving your marked locations and gives you also a look at the nearby environment on a map on the watch.
To get a larger and more detailed view on your saved location just send it to your phone and view it on an application by your choice.

Find out more on the attached screenshots and convince yourself!

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Save your current location with latitude, longitude, air pressure, estimated altitude and time stamp in this galaxy watch maps application.

You can  show all tagged locations on a map on your watch and in addition your current location to find always back.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps:

Where am I? - Geolocation   Or search for "Where am I" on Samsung Galaxy Apps.   We are open for your feedback, feel free to send us an email and have fun with this watchface!

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps