Fitbit Gallery FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) should help you find an answer to your question. If there are still some outstanding issues feel free to contact our support via the contact form below or email directly.

How do I change the time format to 12h or 24h?

The time format is set at the beginning of the registration of your fitbit account and your device.
In order to change the time format afterwards please follow this instruction:

How to purchase Fitbit Watchface/App Bundles?

If you want to purchase a fitbit watchface or app bundle, you can find all of our bundles here.

Some of the bundles are not supporting all fitbit watches, please read the description first.


How to remove an app or change a watchface

If you get an unexpected message with expired trial information and don’t want to buy this watchface or application just remove or change them here:
Remove an app:
Change the watchface:

How to unlock an already purchased watchface?

If you want to unclock a watch face which you already purchased please follow this link:

I already paid this watch face why do I have to pay again?

Fitbit does not save all purchased watch faces and doesn’t know which you already bought. Therefore you have to unlock an already paid watch face after installation again.
Please follow this link to unlock your watch face without paying for it again:

I bought a bundle, where can I find all contained watchfaces?

After the purchase you got an email which contains all information about the bundle, names of the watchfaces and download button. If you don’t find the email anymore don’t panic.

Just generate a new email by following this instruction:


Here you can purchase a Fitbit Watchface/App Bundle:

I can not change my background image in a customizable watchface, what can I do?

Sometimes there are connection problems between fitbit and phone.
The fastest solution is to download another watchface and switch back to the one you like again and change the Image immediately afterwards.
If you need to unlock the watchface again please visit this page:

I don’t want to purchase this watchface, how can I delete it?

In order to uninstall or switch back to the default watchface from fitbit just install another watchface from the fitbit app.
You can find all default watchfaces in the fitbit category.

Is every watchface purchased with lifetime access?

Yes, all apps and watchfaces which are sold on the fitbit gallery are with lifetime access.
If you switch your watchface and want to return to already bought one but just forgot how they were named please take a look at all your purchased watchfaces here:

The Fitbit download button does not work, what can I do?

Please keep in mind that the links only work on mobile phones on which the Fitbit App is installed.

You can find this App in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store:

Play Store – Google

App Store – Apple

What does AZM mean?

The ActiveZoneMinutes (AZM) replaced the Active Minutes in the Fitbit Statistics to get a better overview about your active time over the day. The AZM is calculated depending on your current heart rate zone.

1 Minute in fat burn zone             => 1 Active Zone Minute
1 Minute in cardio or peak zone  => 2 Active Zone Minutes

For more information visit the fitbit help:

Which watch faces I have already purchased?

If you want to know which watch faces you already purchased, please follow this link:

Why is it not possible to change background from watchface?

Sometimes there is a synchronization problem between fitbit and phone.
Please restart your fitbit and phone and try it again. If this does not work please install another watchface and switch back to the watchface you want and change the image directly afterwards.

If you need to unlock the watchface visit this page:

If you need a list of all your purchased watchface visit this page:

If you still have some issues contact us with the contact form below.

You have still some Questions?

Please send us an email: