Take a closer look at the features of the new watchface by Element Factory.

TERMINAL combines a futuristic and sharp design with a lot of helpful information which keeps you up-to-date about your daily statistics. Get informed about your current heart rate, calorie consumption and steps. Another feature allows you to change the time format and distance unit by synchronization with your mobile. Just connect your mobile via bluetooth and the Gear Fit 2/Gear Fit 2 Pro is customized automatically depending your settings on your mobile. Besides that TERMINAL includes a second battery saving screen which is activated by tapping.

Tap Guide

Shortcuts for applications:

  • settings
  • schedule
  • heart rate
  • health today
  • steps
  • music player
  • weather

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps:

Terminal 12/24h  

Or search for "Terminal 12 24" on Samsung Galaxy Apps.


We are open for your feedback, feel free to send us an email and have fun with this watchface!