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Gear S2/S3/Sport application

Samsung Gear Crypto Currency

CRYPTO CURRENCY - Publishing the first Samsung Gear Application we hope this fulfil your idea of a simple and informative presenter of the current crypto coin prices. If you want to find out more about the application and widget for the Gear S2/S3 and Gear Sport follow the link to the Samsung Galaxy Store.


The Samsung Gear Crypto application informs you about the current price of the fifteen top ranked coins and the change over the last 24 hours. In addition to that you can also see a timestamp of the last refresh and the rank of the coin regarding the current market capitalization.
Switch through the 15 top ranked crypto currencies by spinning the bezel. The Samsung Gear Crypto app synchronises data automatically via wifi or just connect your mobile with a internet connection via bluetooth.

Gear S2/S3/Sport application
Gear S2/S3/Sport application


Compared to the application the Samsung Gear Crypto widget offers a much quicker and easier way to check the current crypto stats. Just add this widget to your favorites and tap the upper or lower area to get to the next or last coin. This widget helps you to stay always up to date.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps:

Crypto Currency  

Or search for "crypto currency" on Samsung Galaxy Apps.


We are open for your feedback, feel free to send us an email and have fun with this watchface!

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