Samsung FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) should help you find an answer to your question. If there are still some outstanding issues feel free to contact our support via email.

Keep in mind that the links/URLs are only available for your mobile.

How can I download these watchfaces?

Follow the link below the watchface description

Just click on the link below the watchface descriptions. This links to the Samsung Galaxy Apps store on your mobile.

e.g. 12h New Zealand – Lake Wanaka  

If the url doesn’t link to the store try to close the application Samsung Galaxy Apps completely and open the link again.

Click on the Samsung Galaxy Badge

Another possibility is to click on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Badge.

This url links directly to Samsung Galaxy Apps and to the watchface in the store.

Search the name of the watchface on Samsung Galaxy Store

Obviously it is also possible to search the watchface directly by name.

e.g. search “New Zealand Lake Wanaka” or “Element Factory” on Samsung Galaxy Apps.

In case of questions or problems don’t hesitate to contact the support via email:

The watchface link does not work. What can I do?

If you have some troubles with the link of the watchfaces on this website keep in mind that you can only access via mobile and you have to install the application “Samsung Gear” first.

You can find this application in Google Play Store or iOS App Store:

Play Store – Google

App Store – Apple

Which smartwatches are supported?

We are developing Apps and Watchfaces for the Gear Fit and Galaxy Watch Series:



Follow the links and take a tour through our website.